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      Push Button

      Manufactured from robust Stainless Steel, Bulgin’s extensive range of vandal resistant switches are designed with a high resistance to wear and tear, corrosion and harsh environments in mind.

      Touch Switches

      Available in 16mm, 19mm & amp; 22mm sizes, our Vandal Resistant Piezo Switches are operable with gloves and sealed to IP68/IP69k standards. Making them the perfect Switch solution for harsh environments.

      Rocker Switches

      Our Rocker Switches include a huge range of Single and Souble Pole options available in various Sizes, Colours, Terminations, Actuator Types and Ratings up to 16A, 250Vac.

      Toggle Switches

      Our Toggle Switch range offers a large choice of Actuator and Circuit Options: Single Pole Single Throw (SPST), Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT), Double Pole Single Throw (DPST) and Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT).

      Slide Switches

      With up to 5 Switching Positions as well as Multiple Terminal, Circuit, and Actuator options, Bulgin’s extensive range of Slide Switches can be configured to suit your unique design needs.

      Voltage Selector

      Our Voltage Selector Switches are ideal electronic solutions to accommodate and regulate fluctuating voltages in Power Supply Units (PSUs).

      Refrigerator Switches

      With both Single and Double Pole options, our Momentary Door Switches are ideal to meet your unique application requirements.

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